Traditional Braces

Are you considering getting braces? Traditional metal braces are a wonderful option for improving your dental health. If you have crowded teeth, an overbite or underbite, incorrect jaw position, or temporal mandibular joint disorder, braces can help. Left untreated, these issues may lead to more problems like headaches, earaches, trouble speaking, biting and chewing problems, tooth decay and gum disease.You may not even know you have these issues, which is why we offer orthodontic consultations.

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Braces for Adults

Some adults never had the chance to receive orthodontic treatments. It’s never too late for adults improve their smile and oral health. We can help you or your loved ones to determine if orthodontic treatment is a good option to achieve optimum dental health.
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Braces for Teenagers

The early teenage years are some of the best times for a person to get braces and orthodontic treatment done since their teeth are fully erupted at this time. Call our office for a consultation for your teen!


Braces for Children

Some dental occlusion problems are simply easier to correct if they are corrected earlier on in life. Some children may require interceptive orthodontic treatment to prevent more severe problems later on.

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Every person who has received orthodontic treatment should plan to wear retainer for life in order to maintain their occlusion and prevent dental relapse. Green Valley Dental Group offers both traditional retainers and Invisalign type retainers to our patients.
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